How to increase blogger page speed? Google page speed.

Increasing blogger page speed is a very important fact because you cannot use any kind of plugin there like WordPress. So you have to follow some steps to do this.

There is a calculation if your site loads in 2.9 seconds that means it is faster than approximately 50% of the web. if your site loads in 1.7 seconds then it is faster than approximately 75% of the web.

But if your site loads in 0.8 seconds that means it is faster than approximately 94% of the web.

Problems with slow page speed

It can be a huge problem if your blog page speed is slow. Low page speed means low search engine rank. You can also lose your traffic to this problem. For example, Suppose you are 5 seconds late to enter your blog site.

According to Google page speed analysis, For One-second slow loading, you will lose 7-10 visitors from out of 100 of them. That’s way, 5 seconds late means, 5*7=35 visitors will go back out of 100 visitors.

That means 100 people are trying to enter your website but 35 of them are going back for 5 seconds slow loading.

So according to this calculation-

  • You can lose 35% of your income for this problem.
  • You will lose your search engine rank.
  • Slow loading will affect your DA & PA of website Because It will increase your site bounce rate. So If the bounce rate is high then your site’s DA & PA will be less.

Click here to see your website page speed by Google.

How to increase blogger page speed?

As we know, WordPress has lots of plugins to speed up a website but in blogger you do not have any kind of plugin to speed up your site. So you cannot speed up your blogger site by using plugins.

But you can do it Just following3 major steps.

  • Use Fast Loading Theme.
  • Compress your Image size / Use WebP format.
  • Use Google Adsense Javascript only.

Using Fast loading Theme

Choosing a theme is very important and difficult. Most people cannot use a proper theme for their website. There are so many different kinds of blogger template online.

Most of them also provide a free version. But I will recommend you please use the premium version. Premium is faster and secured compare with the free version. Chose a proper theme according to your blog.

If your site is News related then use Newsworthy fast and lite template. The template must be responsive and user-friendly.
You can use Templateify blogger template. They provide lots of updates and responsive blogger templates.

Use WebP format image or compress image

Compress image or image optimization also plays an important role in increasing website page speed. The image always affects your page speed. If your blog or website page speed loading slowly it can pulling visitors and decrease the search engine rank.

Always try to optimize your page size or use WebP format. WebP image format now supports in blogger.

Always try to compress your blog post image and reduce the size. So that your blog/website page will load fast.

To convert your image jpeg to WebP, you can download Webp Image Converter from play store.
Compress your image without losing the quality You can visit compressjpeg or imagecompressor. Both websites are very good at compressing the image.

Use Google Adsence Javascript only

Every companies javascript is not as optimized as Google. So it will be a better decision to avoid other company’s javascript.

But if you sure about other ads javascript then you can use it, but limited. It will affect your website page speed.

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