Online Security tips you must know in 2021.

Today I will discuss four online securities tips with you. Which you must know in 2021.

Two-step verification / Authentication

There are three basic ways to identify your self to a computer.

  • Something you know ( Password ).
  • Something you process ( ID card ).
  • Something you are ( Biometric ).

And a Good security minimum requires Two of these factors. Only a password is not enough for security. Because many people choose weak passwords and password hacking technology is getting more powerful day by day.

Two-step verification, You will get a short numeric code- Known as a verification code on your phone. You will then enter this in addition to your username and password when you sign in. Its very simple to turn on. If you turn on this feature, When you going to log into your account you will get a verification code or OTP ( One time password ).

This is a very important security feature. Because if a hacker gets access to your password but he still needs your mobile phone for this verification code.

All the big and popular services like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Linked In, PayPal, Dropbox, Microsoft, WordPress, and Amazon Web services provide two-step verification.

Same password everywhere

This is the second tip for your security. Do not use the same password everywhere. Sounds like pretty much silly but it still very important. If you use the same password everywhere it will be a very easy way to break down your password for the hacker.

Because if you use the same password in social media platforms and your banking account. It can be very dangerous. If anyone can get access to your social media accounts like Facebook or twitter he will also get access to your banking account.

So be careful to use the same password everywhere.

Stay Up to date

Stay up to date Is also very important. Update your system will help you to protect your account or PC to get access from hackers. So keep up-to-date whatever you use Mac or Windows PC. It is also the same for third-party apps like adobe java or office software.

Always keep up to date that makes them much harder process for hackers to get into your system.

Be careful with your personal information

Be careful with how much information you actually put online. Always remember that what information you share and where. This is also very important for your security issue.

Soups, You order something from online and share this information in social media and a hacker finds this information then He sent you a message “Hay Your package is ready for deliver” Click here to get this. This can be spamming or a hacking link.

So always be careful about your personal information.

This also the same in your social security number or banking card number. Sometimes an unknown person can ask you “Hay I am calling from your Bank Please tell me your social security number or card number.”

So ignore them and call back to the helpline of your bank. Because most of the time Hackers can call you financial survives.

SO please always verify first and got to their site, call the site itself and tell them what happens.

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