How to sell game accounts on PlayerAuctions?

Are you want to know “How to sell game accounts on PlayerAuctions?”. Then you are in the right place.

We play lots of games every day. And we cannot get money for playing games. But if you have a good level game account you can sell on PlayerAuctions and earn a better amount of money.

You can sell PUBG game accounts, Clash of clan, Clash Royale, Boom Beach, CS-GO game account, skin, and other thousand kinds of games.

Today I will discuss how to sell game accounts. Read the article carefully and if you have any more questions or confusion please comment on your question I will answer as soon as possible.

At first, you have to go PlayerAuctions website. Then click the Register button upper side of the right corner.

The Register page will be open. Fill in all the information. Make sure that your given information is 100% correct.

Registration Process PlayerAuctions

Registration Process PlayerAuctions
Registration Process PlayerAuctions
  • Username: You have to select a unique user name. This will be your store name.
  • Email: Give a valid email address. you will get all of your orders and offer notifications there.
  • Password: Select your account password and give it twitch (Confirm Password).
  • First Name: Give your first name. Please fill all the sectors with valid information as a NID card.
  • Last Name: Give your last name.
  • Address: Now you have to give your local address. Where you live like state, city, Zip code, and country.
  • Phone Number: This is a very important part. Please give your valid phone number. They will send you a verification code / PIN code for the next step. You need this phone number for next time’s security purposes.

Submit the registration form. You have to confirm the email. Go to your email and activate your account.

After register successfully please select your payment option.

Payment option PlayerAuctions

Payment option PlayerAuctions
Payment option PlayerAuctions

There are two different Payment methods, You can get payment by selling your game account.

  • Skrill.
  • Payoneer.

But if you want to buy any offer or order then you can use MasterCard, Visa card, Skrill, etc.

How to sell Game Accounts on PlayerAuctions

To sell Game Accounts on PlayerAuctions. Go to “Create offer”, a new window will be open.

Now select what kind of product you want to sell.

How to sell Game Accounts on PlayerAuctions
How to sell Game Accounts on PlayerAuctions

Select Product

You can sell a different kind of product or service,

  • Currency.
  • Items & Skins.
  • Accounts.
  • Powerleveling.

Select Market

Now you have to select the market. That means select your game name (Which game ID / Account you want to sell). I am going to sell the Clash Royal account. So I will select Clash Royal.

After that select the server where you have played that account, It can be (Android / IOS).


Now select the duration, How long would you offer to be available to other PlayerAuctions members.

Price Management

Price Management
Price Management

In this part, you have to set the price. There are two different boxes.

  • Listing Price.
  • Estimated Payout.

Listing Price: Listing price means the total amount of price.

Estimated Payout: Estimated payout means the amount you will get after selling your offer.

Playeracution takes some commission for the per transaction. You can see the transaction commission fees here.

Detailed Offer Description

Write a title for your offer. You can use 150 characters. Please do not enter HTML in your title. Always try to make an attractive title. You can add a logo for a better look.

In the Box now you have to put detailed information about your offer/order. Please give an image of your gaming ID / Account with the information.

Automatic Delivery / Delivery option

There is an option that you can deliver your account information automatically or manually.

By selecting this option, PlayerAuctions will deliver your account. Once a buyer purchases your account, your account’s information will automatically be sent to them by e-mail. This ensures quick delivery and you won’t even have to be online for the transaction.

If you select “Yes” another page will be open.

Automatic Delivery / Delivery option
Automatic Delivery / Delivery option

In that new window, you have to give your selling account / ID information.

Game Account Login Information (Shared with buyers):

  • Character name: Here you have to give your login Email or Username.
  • Login name: Same as Character name.
  • Retype login name: Same as the login name.
  • Password: Give your account password. and Retype again.

Game account security information (Shared with buyers)

Game account security information
Game account security information

If your ID/account has any kind of security question then you have to give that question and answer.

Here Some optional information and you can ignore them.

Game account Registration Information- (Not Share With buyer)

Here you have to give your own personal information. Don’t worry, this information not shared with buyers.

After all the information given then submit the form.

Account Sale Preparation Checklist

Account Sale Preparation Checklist
Account Sale Preparation Checklist

There are more two options. First option select No and second option select Yes.

  • No – Increase sale value by offering free buyer’s insurance.
  • Yes – The account has playtime remaining.

“If you do not want to give your ID information automatically on PlayerAuctions and want to give your ID manually. Then click “No” on Automatic Delivery option. And set some extra game information and Delivery time that “How quickly can you guarantee delivery to a buyer after we notify you that an order has been successfully placed and verified.” “But I will recommend you Deliver your ID / Account information Automatically on PlayerAuctions. It is better than Manual deliver.”

For Your Own Protection

Mark that option and click “Create New For Sell Offer”. Your sales offer has been submitted.

Please Note: Always check your PlayerAuctions inbox. Buyers can inbox you for more further information. When someone buys your offer then keep in touch with buyers until the order successfully closed.

Because Buyers may need additional login information like security code or verification code. after all the process successfully finished then the buyer will confirm the payment and you will get your payment when the disbursement period is over.

If you face any problem to sell Game Accounts on PlayerAuctions or need any information please don’t hesitate to knock me. You can comment on your question, I will reply as soon as I can.

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