Social Media Image Size guide. Pro tips to rank social media posts.

Social Media Image Size guide. Pro tips rank social media posts. Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn YouTube image size.

Social media sites always update their algorithm and image size. It is a very time-consuming process to find out all of this updates.

In this article, I am going to discuss update image size ( and some pro tips and tricks of social media. I always try to update this information, If you have any question or suggestion about this article please leave your valuable comment.


Post length:

Your post should at least 40 to 100 characters. The small post never attract audience. But do not make your post so big. Sometimes big post distracts the audience. Most of the people on Facebook do not like a big post. So always try to keep your post at minimal length.

Minimum Post:

You should post at least 2/3 posts per week. It is very important. It will help you to engage your audience. If you upload 2/3 posts per week, your audience will get a positive mind about yourself. So always keep your audience engaged. And post frequency is very important for it.


In Facebook hashtag is not so important as Instagram. You do not need hashtags on Facebook. It does not bring any positive impact. But if you lunch an event or a campaign then hashtag can be used. But in normal posts always try to avoid hashtag on Facebook.

Best time to publishing post:

There is no exact time on Facebook for publishing a post . Because here always try to publish your post when your audience is online. You can see this information in insight. So take a look at how much audience online before publishing any post. It is also very important for engaging your audience.

Social Media facebook image size

Image size:

In Cover photo:  The optimum Size is 1656*630 pixels for your personal profile. Always try to reduce your image size to 100 KB for faster load time.  For an image with text or graphic use PNG file.

But, cover photo size is not the same in all kinds of accounts. Because If you talking about Fan page, Group cover photo and Event cover photo the size is different from each other.

  • Fan page Cover photo: 820312 Pixels.
  • Group Cover Photo: 820428 Pixels.
  • Event Cover Photo: 500*262 Pixels.

Profile photo:  180*180 pixels. Your profile photo must be at least 180*180 pixels to upload. A rectangular photo will be cropped from the center. And when you comment on someone page or you post an update then your profile photo will appear at 90*90 pixels.


Post length:

Instagram is mainly a photo-sharing platform. SO, post length does not need so high. The optimal length of a post is 50-60 characters.

Post frequency:

Always try to post 1 photo per day. This trick will increase your audience engagement. You can post 4-5 posts per week. But I recommend a minimum of 1 post per day.

Time to Publish:

This part is the same as Facebook. Because before publishing any post you have to check how many of your audience is online. You can find this information in the Statistics section of the application.


Use a minimum of 5-10 hashtags per post. Remember, Do not exceed 30 hashtags per post. Because this is the platform’s imposed limit.

Instagram image size

Image Size:

The size of the profile picture should be 150*150 pixels. The profile picture of Instagram is very tiny. So always try to keep your photos sharp and easy to see. If you use text in profile picture try to keep minimal text and design.

On the other hand, Instagram photo post size should be 1080*1080 pixels. This dimension will keep your photos crisp and clean.


Post length:

Tweets with the highest number of retweets are those with 80-110 characters. Post length should be 80-100 characters. This is the optimal length of a twitter post. You can add more characters if you want.You can upload pictures via and get 94% more retweets than others.

Post frequency:

Always try to publish a minimum 1 post per day.  This will increase the engagement of your audience.

Time to Publish:

People basically active on twitter at night. It will be better if you publish your post after 6 pm. And do not hesitate to engage in the conversation for example comment, retweet and like.


Use a minimum of 1-3 hashtags in your post. You do not need to use so many hashtags in a Twitter post.

Social Media Twitter image size

Image Size:

Profile Photo: The optimal size of twitter profile picture should be 200*200 pixels.

Cover photo: Cover photo should be 1500*1500 pixels. You can use JPG, GIF and PNG file as your cover photo.


Video Title:

YouTube video title should be between 100 characters. Try to use the best keywords in your video title. This trick will attract your audience.

Video Description:

You can write 5000 characters Description. The more informative description will help your audience to find their information.

Social Media youtube image size

Profile picture:

The profile picture of YouTube channel should be 800*800 pixels.

Channel Art:

YouTube is the platform of Content creators. So use the best optimal size of your channel logo and channel art. YouTube recommends the channel art at 2560*1440 pixels with a maximum file size of 2MB.

The Channel art banner will automatically be sized to anywhere 640*175 to 1060*175 pixels.

  • In Tablet Display: This size should be 1855423 Pixels.
  • In Mobile Display: It should be 1546423 Pixels.
  • In Desktop Display: It will be 2560423 Pixels.
  • On TV: This size should be 25601440 Pixels.


Post tips:

Always try to highlight your best content. This is similar to Facebook’s “Highlight” and Twitter “Pin” feature.Visitors using the “Feature this Update” function. So always make it count.

Your post length should be a minimum of 50 characters and try to post at least 3/4 per week. A hashtag can use 1/2 per post.

Always target your organic posts by language and audience. Morning and evening are the best time in LinkedIn to publish a post.

social media linkedin image size

Image size:

Profile photo:

Your profile photo should be 400*400 pixels for your personal account. But you can use 150*150 pixels to your company page profile photo.

Cover photo:

You can use a photo or graphic image for your cover photo. And the size should be 1584*396 pixels similar to the Facebook cover photo. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to create an eye-pleasing visual look for your page.

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