Top 5 Best Free screen recorder windows 10

This is the article about top 5 best free Free screen recorder windows 10. But you can use this software on your Macbook.

Whether it is a personal computer, mobile, or television, we can get lots of information displayed on the screen. But, if we need to share this information with others then we have to capture or record this information. So you need a screen recorder. A Screen recorder plays an important role here. So the screen recorder now becomes a significant tool for sharing knowledge or information.

How Does a Screen Recorder Software Works?

Do you ever think about how does screen recorder software works? Okay, The answer is simple. If you talking about capturing a single image. This process starts with rendering the image or scene displayed on the screen of your computer monitor. The screen recorder software reads or capture that content and transfers that to its memory. But if you talking about how it works in a video. Then this process is repeated. Then all of these images are compiled and converted into a video file.

There are so many screen recorders available in the market. But how can you choose the better one? Then it depends on some requirements.

Frame Rate Speed (FPS)

FPS means Frames Per Second. It is used to measure the frame rate – the number of images that are displayed each second. All the screen recorders normally provide 24 FPS But an ideal screen recorder software provides 30 fps recording speed.

Video-Sharing Feature

Normally screen recorder tools always prepare a video and save it to your selected hard drive. And then You can decide on where and how to share that video. But, there are some screen recorders that automatically shares the video on the platforms you want to.

Multiple Screens Recording

If you are using very complex software and you have to require recording multiple screens. Then make sure that the software you selected provides you this facility.

Top 5 Best Free screen recorder

Hello Everyone, Today in this article I will discuss the Top 5 best screen recorders. These all are absolutely free to use but keep in mind that some of these screen recorders have some pros and cons. Let’s start.


Top 5 Best Free screen recorder

ShareX is a free and open-source screen recorder software. So you don’t need to worry about the watermarks and the time limitations. Because there is no time limitation. ShareX allows you to capture and record different methods like full screen, a specific window, or monitor in various shapes like rectangle, square, etc and share it with a single click.

  • After customization: ShareX gives the opportunity to customize tasks after capturing like adding effects, watermarking, annotating, uploading, and printing.
  • Share: ShareX also allows you to share your content in 40 different file hosting services for text and image uploading like Dropbox, FTP, Imgur, etc.
  • URL shortening: It also gives the opportunity to URL shortening and URL sharing services.
  • Image editor: It has built-in some outstanding tools like an image editor, DNS changer, directory indexer, and many more.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio
OBS Studio

OBS Studio is powered with a powerful API, enabling plugins and scripts to provide further customization and functionality specific to your needs. There are no time limitations if you are using OBS Studio to recording videos. There are so many popular gamers who consider it as the best screen recording software.

You can also record your screen in HD and can even support streaming. Personally, I will recommend OBS Studio as the best screen recorder. OBS Studio locally saves your recording footage in FLV format after encoding. And there is an outstanding opportunity that you can stream live to Twitch or YouTube gaming and save your videos there.

  • Since OBS Studio is powered with a powerful API, So You can capture and mix high-performance real-time video/audio. It can also capture video from multiple resources like images, text, webcams, browser, etc.
  • OBS Studio is also available in Win/Mac/Linux.
  • You can use custom transitions in your recorded video clip.
  • OBS Studio also offers using advanced filters, color correction.
  • You can also customize the color, So dark and light themes can be set for this platform.
  • OBS Studio has high performing audio mixer with noise reduction abilities.



CamStudio is one of the most popular screen recorders of windows. It can record all audio activities and also all screen movements with high resolution. CamStudio Convert recordings into high-quality AVI formats. After that those AVI formats converted into Flash videos that are bandwidth-friendly and you can easily upload them on any platform online. CamStudio gives full control over your video file.

If you need a high-quality video with low file size then CamStudio gives this opportunity with an amazing option. You can increase or reduce the video file size depending on your interest. For example, If you want to share your video file to an email, So you don’t worry about your video file size Because CamStudio will help you to reduce your video file size as you need.

  • CamStudio is free and open-source software that is very easy to download and also easy to use.
  • You can record your screen with sound and screen captions.
  • CamStudio gives you the opportunity to reduce your recorded video file size without losing quality.
  • You can also customize cursors while recording the video.
  • You can record the whole screen or a specified section of the screen.



VirtualDub is a video capture/recording software for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms. You can use this on Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7/10, licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). VirtualDub can process many files at a time and customize using third-party filters. It can also process AVI files and can read MPEG-1 files. If you are looking for a capturing software to make a tutorial video then VirtualDub can be a good choice.

  • You can add, remove, or edit audio tracks without any change in the video.
  • You can compress and decompress both Audio and video file.
  • You can preview the video before making it live.
  • Without decompressing you can remove any part of a video.
  • You can enhance the video quality by using video filters like blur, emboss, sharpen, flip, resize, rotate, brightness/contrast, etc.
  • You can use noise reduction, and field swapping on a real-time basis.

UltraVNC screen recorder

UltraVNC screen recorder
UltraVNC screen recorder

The UltraVNC screen recorder is better than any other screen recorders. It is a very light and fast screen recording software. This UltraVNC developed by uVNC. If you are looking for a light and fast screen recorder then UltraVNC is for you.

  • Very fast and light screen recording software.
  • Very suitable for creating How to video and Tutorial based video.
  • Very easy to use.
  • The UltraVNC recording software saved the file on the hard disk after that you can share it on any platforms.

Please Note: All of these software’s are free and opensource. If you have already used any of them please feel free to share your reviews here. Please comment below.

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