What is Ubuntu Linux? How can you start Ubuntu?

In this article, I will discuss Ubuntu Linux. Here You will find What is Ubuntu Linux and What can be done with Ubuntu and how to install Ubuntu?

What is Ubuntu Linux?

If you are going to use Linux, You will be facing a lot of problems. Because Linux is not an operating system. Linux is a kernel. Every operating system has a kernel. “Anti” is the kernel of Windows, the kernel of macOS is “XNU (Darwin)”. In this way, the kernel of Android is Linux. Linux is not only the kernel of Android but also Ubuntu, Red Hat, Fedora, and other operating systems. Thousands of operating systems created with Linux. So all these operating systems are called “Linux based operating systems”.

It’s really hard to understand and operate the Linux kernel but compared to the Linux-based operating system it’s very easy to operate and understand. There are thousands of operating systems created based on the Linux kernel. The most popular of these is Ubuntu.
What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a complete computer operating system. This is an operating system like Microsoft Windows. By using this operating system you can easily run a desktop, laptop, server, and super-computer. There are lots of differences between Windows and Linux. But The main difference is that Windows is a closed source software (meaning no one knows its code except Microsoft) and Ubuntu is open source software (anyone can view, change and modify its code). Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux based operating systems in the world right now.

What can be done with Ubuntu Linux?

Let’s find out where Ubuntu is used.

  • On desktops and laptops.
  • On Smartphone
  • Different kinds of servers worldwide.
  • Microwave ovens, TVs, cars, calculators, and more electric devices.
  • Google, Wikipedia, Netflix, Snapchat, Dropbox, Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram, and many other well-known software companies are using Linux.
  • Also, various big companies including Lift, Uber, Walmart, Tesla are using Linux.
  • In defense management and government work (In different countries of Europe and Russia, China)
  • NASA’s International Space Center also using Linux based operating system.
  • So, everything can be done with Ubuntu, that’s why it’s used everywhere. But If you are a general user then do not worry. You can also do all of your works by using Linux.
  • You can create or edit any document files (including MS Office) with Libra Office.
  • Watching videos, listening to audio, Playing games, Graphics design ( Ubuntu includes software like GIMP, Inkscape, etc.)
  • You can browse the Internet with Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.
  • You can easily install software of your choice from the software store.

How to install Ubuntu Linux?

If you want to start Ubuntu. Now Click here. Follow step by step. Take a copy of the bootable Ubuntu to a pen drive by following the steps written here. Then boot your PC from the USB drive or pen drive.

Before installing Ubuntu you have to know something.

  • The first time you install Ubuntu, there is a risk that the PC’s hard disk can be formatted. This is mainly due to having no previous experience with Ubuntu. So any guide should be read before installing. There are a lot of installation guide videos available on YouTube these days. The idea can be found by looking at them. However, before installing Ubuntu, you must back up the necessary files on your PC to another removable or portable hard disk.
  • Ubuntu should be installed by creating three partitions (root, home, swap).
  • You cannot run all Windows software ‘directly’ on Ubuntu. If the software does not have a Linux version, You cannot run it on Ubuntu. That’s why MS Office or Adobe software doesn’t run directly on Ubuntu. However, there are different ways to run this software on Ubuntu. You can use the “WINE” or “PlayOnLinux” application to run windows software on Ubuntu.
  • Before installing Ubuntu Find out the devices you used on your computer, such as printers, WiFi cards, graphics cards, etc, run on Ubuntu with the model number.

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