How to write a good blog post in 2021

Writing a good blog post is not so easy. Today I will discuss how to write a good blog post.

Traffic to your blog is the most discussed topic in the blogging world. When you search in Google “how to get traffic to blog” You will get Up to 180,000,000 results.

And this is really embarrassing because no one wants to scroll down all these results. So what are the steps and formulas to attract the audience?

First of all, Think that, If you want to learn “How to make a coffee” then you will find a blog post for that. So Blogging is about answering questions and give them an easy solution for their specific topics.

Here are the 4 most important and working tips and tricks how your content should be and how to attract the audience.

Tutorial based and How to Topic

The most popular and growing topic is tutorial-based content. It also called the How-to category. This is the most interesting topic to attract an audience. Every audience wants to know something and need a simple solution to their problem.

The tutorial-based topic is the easiest blog post to create. This particular category will help your audience how to do something and the way. It gives your audience a specific answer to a specific question.

For example, You create a post “How to make a coffee”. And you showing the way of making coffee step by step. The audience will read that topic gradually and make them engaged.

List Post

This is the second most popular tips to create a blog post. If someone already knows how many steps it will take to get their desired result then they will attract to that topic. Always try to avoid writing a giant and more explanation topic.

Because every people wants a simple solution in a short time. So giant descriptions are less pleasing to the eye and it will be harmful to grow your audience.

User Experience & Reviews Post

The post which is includes user experience and reviews of a specific product that will help you to attract and hold your audience. If your blog topic is related to reviews product then always try to share your user experience and how to use that specific product.

It will help you to hold your audience. Reviews post always works well because every people want to know how the product works in real life. Because commercial video and real-life experience is not the same thing.

Reviews post not only working for the traffic but also it will help you with your affiliate program.

So be honest in making product reviews and always try to keep share the reviews which product you really love.

Series your topics

Topic series means a series of a blog post of YouTube videos spread out and upload over a couple of days. A topic series not only to keep your audience but also it will help to come back them to your blog or YouTube channel.

Series your blog topic will help your post easier to read and understand.
Here is the very important thing to do, Always try to link up your previous and next topics. So, your audience easily find all the topics related to a specific subject.

Easy to read

Last, of all, Your content should be easy to read. Because easy word and sentence will help you to keep your audience engaged. So always try to use easy sentence structure.

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